Our Vision

As we are South Africa’s Choir our primary goal is the establishment, fostering and promotion of South African Music.

This we do by uniquely (re-)packaging and arranging South African music, commissioning new South African compositions and educating our choristers and audiences about the many diverse South African musical genres.

We aim to play a small yet vital part in maintaining and establishing South African music’s niche within the global entertainment environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is: “Creating opportunities for talented underprivileged young South Africans in the world of entertainment.”

Through the Mzansi Youth Choir, we have begun to train young choristers from disadvantaged areas to the highest level of musical proficiency. Through them, a life skills programme will soon be introduced, with the focus on job creation, empowering, development and building positive values.

Our conductor training programme has recently been established and is the first step to achieving our goals of empowerment and increasing the social capital of all our choristers.

Many of the choristers struggle to find work after Grade 12, as they do not have any finance to further their studies. We are re-establishing their self-esteem and assisting them to start with local projects and empowering them with skills, which they can then transfer to the rest of their communities. Through these projects, sustainability, possible job creation and poverty alleviation will be fostered.

Our Slogan

Our slogan is: “South Africa’s Choir”